Use our tips when you come to Colombia

Learn percussion techniques in an Afro Caribbean fishing village

The percussion school in the fishing village of La Boquilla, aims to promote the Afro-Caribbean heritage and participates in an integrated educational process for the region’s youth. Come and meet them and the enthusiastic teachers who teach you the basics of typical Colombian rhythms.

Coffee harvesting in a family-owned plantation

Which product represents Colombia more than the coffee we see growing on every mountain side? Come and participate in the harvest on a small family plantation among the laughs and songs and discover the daily life of the coffee pickers.

Try playing tejo

Tejo is an entertaining Colombian traditional game. Throw your iron puck 10 feet and hit the mop powder targets. If you hit it right it will be a small exciting explosion and then you know that you have reached the goal. Play with the locals in the small villages of the coffee region and enjoy a real Colombian experience.

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