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Perfume Island, Nosy Be, board our flat-bottomed sailboat Nomade, which allows you to get really close to the beaches. In the morning, we first go to the big island of Sakatia. Swim, snorkel on the island’s coral reef and enjoy a seafood lunch aboard the sailboat. In the afternoon we discover the small villages on the island’s inland, a small Ylang-Ylang distillery and pineapple plantations that grow on the hills. From the top of the island we get a beautiful view of the coast by Nosy Be and the city of Jamandjary. Nomade awaits you on the other side of Ampasindavas beach. We return to Andilana Bay during the late afternoon.


In northern Madagascar, near the city of Ambanja, we propose a surprising visit to the plantations (perfume plants: ylang, vétiver, basil, patchouli and kamava as well as local products: cocoa, coffee, vanilla and pepper) as well as a cocoa manufacturer’s factory, where the locals explain the manufacturing process of cocoa .We continue to Anjavimilay, where our meal is prepared by an embroidery association (FIVEMI) in a restaurant. The association is trained to produce local spices and support local embroideries. Meet the villagers and discover an authentic rural atmosphere and lifestyle. In the afternoon we return to Ankify. We pass over the Sambira Bridge to admire the sunset.


Spend 24 hours and discover the local life in a small village in Madagascar’s Highlands in Andriambilany. You will be greeted by a local band and the villagers who, after a visit to their village, will prepare the lunch for you. Some of the villagers will eat with us. At the beginning of the afternoon, we take a walk of about 3 hours around the village with a local guide to let you discover the peasant life in this region and their work in the fields. The kindness of the inhabitants, the smiles of the children, you discover the soul of the country! During the evening, a special event is organized for you by the villagers. You will spend the evening in a typical malagasy house managed by the village administration.


30 km east of Tuléar, the capital of southern Madagascar, you discover the unique southern part of Madagascar. You take a traditional Malagasy canoe and cross the majestic bay of St. Augustin on the Onylah River. On the other side of the river, we enter the mangrove forests to discover their endemic fauna and flora in a calm and peaceful environment far from the outside world. Then walk along the river in a fascinating desert environment and become part of the local life along the way. A lunch is prepared for you by the residents of a small house with beautiful views of the surroundings. A magical day where you can discover some of the truly authentic gems in this part of the country.

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