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Visit Komodo Dragon

The giant lizard Komodo Dragon can be found at East Nusa Tenggara, about an hour flight from Bali. The male can be up to 3 meters long, while the female is a little smaller, 1.8 meters. These carnivorous animals can live up to 30 years. There are 4 islands within the Komodo National Park where dragons live: Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Gili Montang Island and Gili Dasami, but only Komodo and Rinca have the opportunity to provide access for visitors to see this giant lizard. On the island of Komodo, it lives among the locals. To get the most out of the visit, we suggest visiting Komodo National Park for 3 days with overnight on board of a boat and in Labuan Bajo, the fishing village of the island of Flores.

Fish in the traditional way

The beach of Amed is located on the eastern part of Bali and is known as one of the best places for diving and snorkeling. Here you will also find the wreck of the USS “Liberty” under the sea. Amed is also known for fishing, but not so many visitors come to actually fish with the local fishermen. Here you will experience fishing on a traditional boat and then the best part, you grill what you got and enjoy your catch together with the fishermen.

Stay overnight at a family in the village of Nongan

The village of Nongan is located far on the slope of Mount Abang in the Karangasem Regency, on the eastern part of Bali. You can visit the village and feel an authentic Balinese village atmosphere. During your stay, you will learn how to cook local dishes. On the contrary to regular cooking courses where you go shopping for food in the local market, you pick the vegetables directly from the garden. You cannot find more “local” activity!

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