Unique activities in Turkey

Walking through the Turquoise Coast of Turkey

We trek through foothills, forests and farmland and along coastal paths overlooking the Turquoise Coast. Enjoy leisurely walks along this coast, rich with history, watch the sea crash against the cliffs and marvel at the archeological sites, some dating back to Roman and Greek Times. Along the walk, you will discover traditional hill villages and be a guest in village guesthouses.

Trekking in the Taurus Mountains

Breath-taking scenery, stunning mountains, fairy chimneys, rick-cut churches, beautiful colours, delicious food, big smiles, a melting pot of cultures and a guaranteed warm welcome, Turkey is one of the most vibrant destinations on the planet. This Turkish delight combines a wonderful trek in the Taurus Mountains before charming walks in the incredible landscape of Cappadocia.

Meeting nomads

In the Siyirmalik Valley you will see shepherd camps and nomadic Turkish settlements. You will have a cup of tea or Ayran or Ayran, a typical yoghurt drink with them and learn about their timeless lifestyle.

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