Unique activities in Namibia

Moon Landscape and Night Walk

This excursion begins with a trip to Moon Landscape, a mountain range with a creepy landscape of moon-like peaks. The first daily part of this tour takes you through this terrain to the “living fossil” of Namibia, unique Welwitschia mirabilis. On the way we will also look at different species of lichen and other desert-adapted plants. Then we drive down to Swakop River where you enjoy a unique desert grill / meal under the stars. After dinner we do a night walk, where you can encounter various scorpions, spiders and geckos.


On the off-road vehicles of our kayak site, we see Walvis Bay’s wetlands with lots of birds including flamingos and pelicans, and the salt mine which is one of the largest in the world. Pelican Point is home to seals, dolphins, flamingos and pelicans. Pelican Point Lighthouse, built almost 100 years ago, still sends a leading light to sailors during the night. The seals are very playful and curious and love to interact with our kayaks. Usually they come to us to play with our paddles and spray water on us. In a kayak you become part of the sea without disturbing the wildlife. The animals do not see us as a threat in any way, and therefore we have the opportunity to enjoy them 100% in their natural state.

Bogenfels - Lüderitz

Bogenfels is the famous rock arch with one foot in the sea and the other on land. It is about 60 meters high. The trip is a day trip in the Sperrgebiet area and includes the ancient ghost towns of Pomona and Bogenfels with ancient mining equipment from the 1910s, during which the Germans discovered the first diamonds in the area.

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