Unique activities in Brazil

Hiking in Lencois, a different experience

Hiking in the Lencois desert is a surprising experience. Although you can use regular shoes, most people prefer to walk barefoot. The constantly wind-swept sand coming from the sea is never too warm and remains relatively firm, especially along the lagoons. The great originality and pleasure of a hike in Lencois is that you can at any time take a dip in the fresh and clear waters of the lagoons. It is worth mentioning that the temperature does not exceed 30 to 35 ° C and that the constant wind also dampens the experienced heat during your hike. During your turn you will hardly meet anyone, just a few fishermen who build huts on the beach where they lives during their two-week fishing trips. You can also buy fish from them and grill it on site. You will visit Canoa Quebrada, Galinhos and Sao Miguel do Gostoso. It is a unique opportunity to discover the traditional ways of living here, as if time stands still. It is a great sight to see the brave fishermen defying the waves in their elegant dinghies that are characteristic of the region, you will encounter them regularly. The treasures in the sea that they come back with every day are served in delicious local recipes. It is impossible to eat more fresh fish or lobster than these!

Hike up to Pedra da gavea

Probably the most surprising view of Rio de Janeiro will be this reward after hiking up to Pedra da Gávea. For the experienced, it is not a match to get up, but for the more inexperienced, it requires good fitness and not being frightened. At “point of no return”, a little in the middle, you have to decide whether to continue the somewhat impassable hike at the very top of the fantastic panoramic view from the top, or if you turn back. For those who reach the top await an outstanding picnic break and the best photos you can imagine!

Samba school

Before the long-awaited parade of samba schools in Sambódromo, the contestants repeat their show hundreds of times. In a family atmosphere, all schools organize rehearsals that are open to the public where the famous dish feijoad is served to bring in some money for the samba school. The party is very lively and it is as if you are already at the famous carnival! It is not possible to miss Carioca’s (Rio de Janeiro) worm for this outstanding celebration, the passion and pride of people to show that it is in their particular favelas that the Samban was born and that even today it is only the favelas in Rio that have the samba. schools.

Cooking Lesson

Learn more about local Brazilian cuisine. During this small culinary journey, you will learn about Brazilian dishes, ingredients and flavors. Try cooking the traditional recipes under local management, and then enjoy what you have cooked! The ingredients are available all over the world, so you can then, well at home, impress your friends when you invite to a Brazilian dinner!

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