Genuine experiences in South India

Learn how to make sweeping brushes and rugs of palm leaves

Learn the local women’s techniques for weaving coconut leaves. These leaves are a very effective insulation against rain. Notice the skill and speed they have when weaving a leaf one after another. Try yourself and get expert advice from the ladies here.

Then go to another house nearby to see how sweeping brushes are made of coconut leaves. Our hostess, Leela, with the help of our guide, will explain the commercial aspects and technology of the manufacture of brushes.

Sosamma and her family will show how but make fantastic craft rugs, of another type of palm leaf that grows everywhere, “Screw Pine”. There is almost a spiritual reverence in the villages before this plant and traditional Kerala rugs are made of the long hard leaves, which are prepared to be more manageable.

Bow and arrow/catch and net fishing

For those who like fishing, you will discover an interesting local practice here, a traditional fishing technique with pi loch bow. After the guide explains how it all works, you get to try your luck yourself. Inland fishing methods have been around since ancient times in this region and an experienced fisherman shows how he manages his net and trawl net.

Antony's farm

Antony’s dairy farm gives you a glimpse of the various stages and stages involved in Kerala’s milk production and introduces you to different breeds of cattle. Near his yard is a pond where you can try your fishing luck.

Govindan's house

History says that Wayanad served as a battlefield for many years to the British, Sultan Tipu and Raja Pazhassi. It is believed that the Corkies, the tribes of war, were King Raja Pazhassi’s soldiers during the guerrilla war against the British. During his visit to Govindan, a member of the Kuruma tribe, he shows off his collection of various tools and weapons used during those days. Learn to stretch a bow or watch how Govindan’s skilled hands make one.

Cheruvayal Raman's farm

In the middle of the lush leafy and paddy field, Cheruvayal Raman lives in a simple mud house. Listen carefully how Raman explains the process of his organic farming with 38 varieties of native rice seeds. He has a special system for keeping these rice seeds separately. Also take a look at the traditional equipment he uses. Learn all about organic rice growing and discover how everyday life turns out for a farmer. You will go to Raman’s house for lunch. A wonderful meal consisting of traditional Wayanadan rice and a selection of good dishes served on a banana leaf awaits you here.


Chami and his family show how to handle wet clay and how to create beautiful shapes. The technology seems easy in the hands of experts like Chami for whom this is a traditional business, but try it yourself and you will see that it is a little used. Take home some valuable tips and artifacts before saying goodbye to the potters in Cheruvayal.

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