Experience real Vietnam

Meet locals and explore traditional culture

Here you get the opportunity to meet locals, namely Mrs Lam’s family in the village of Bat Trang, talk about their simple everyday life and get to know the Vietnamese language. They will welcome you with Vietnamese tea and peanuts, tell the stories about their lives, their family and the history of heir village. Later you will cook lunch / dinner with them in their old house.

Visit the market

It is an amazing experience to visit the country market and meet the locals in Tam Hong and get to know their simple life. Later you will buy something to cook for lunch with the host, namely Mr Trinh Trang, in his house. They happily welcome their guests to have lunch with them as they tell about their lives and their families.

Authentic cycling in Ho Chi Minh

Here you can get the chance to become a part of life and traffic along the streets of Ho Chi Minh by bicycle. This is the best way to see most of the city’s highlights within 3 hours. You will experience the local life and enjoy good food. Feel the congestion and movement on the roads and see the vendors selling a mix of herbs for traditional medicine. Move along small alleys and pass many small interesting family shops.

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