Activities in Uzbekistan

Stay in a Yurt Campsite

Try a unique exotic experience in Uzbekistan! Travel in Uzbekistan beyond the historical cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Get away from civilization to the steppe and live and experience an authentic Yurt camp. For many centuries nomads and shepherds have lived in so-called “yurt”. A yurt is a tent-like structure with wooden frames and walls of animal skins or fur. It is a symbol of the desert nomad’s traditions. They are decorated with handmade rugs and shirdaks (colorful rugs or wall coverings) made by locally skilled craftsmen.

Samarkand Carpet Factory "Hudzhum"

Uzbekistan is known for its beautiful rugs and it must of course be experienced. Visit a one carpet factory in the famous Samarkand. You will learn the work of the masters, usually women, who hand-weave rugs of silk they choose themselves to get the right texture and color. You will see all the stages of the production of the magnificent silk rugs. Everything is done manually, often with the most primitive tools. The women put their whole heart into every knot of silk thread and create their own work of art for every mat made.


Ceramic manufacturing is an art that is as old as human history. Uzbekistan is an ancient country, as old as Sumer and Mesopotamia and is the most central part of Central Asia. So it is not surprising that Uzbek pottery is considered one of the most regarded. In every region of the country there is a local pottery school whose traditions have their roots from antiquity.

Meros Paper Mill, Konigil

The paper workshop Mukhtarov has no website and does not advertise. Yet every year, around 5,000 visitors visit the picturesque brick workshop with the wooden water mill on the Siyob River. The location was no accident, once there were 400 water mills around Samarkand, many of them in Koni Ghil. Here you create a variety of products: silk-like paper in cream, blue, yellow or pink colors, notebooks and wallets, even puppets and masks. Everything done in paper.

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