Practical information for your trip to Brazil


Please note Brazil has discontinued the eVisa for all countries as of June 17, 2019. For US, Canadian and Australian citizens, we strongly suggest registering your trip with your embassy.

In January 2018, Brazil introduced electronic visas for citizens of Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States. By applying online, travelers from the aforementioned nations do not need to visit the consulate to apply for a tourist e-Visa. This streamlined system cut out the time wasted at the embassy and many rather convoluted application procedures.

Applicants will receive their visas via email, after filling the application form with the necessary information and completing their online payment.


Your need for vaccination before traveling to Brazil depends on factors such as the length of the trip and your health profile. Visit your vaccination center at least one month before your scheduled departure to get an individual assessment.


Brazil has a reputation for not always being a safe country. In general, however, you just have to respect some basic rules and use their common sense and your trip to Brazil will be a fantastic experience. Our guides are certified and have long experience so they are well aware of the risks and take you to safe places. Consult them and follow their advice. They live in the country and know how to behave.-Show no jewelry, leave them at home.-Have no valuables on you, leave them in the hotel safe. Sometimes it is impossible when you are traveling, but then you should keep this close to your body and never put away any bag. -Do not take photos with a nice, expensive camera unless you have an accompanying guide.-Use your credit card for the payment of hotels, restaurants in the larger cities. Have some exchange money for taxis and small things you might want to buy. -When visiting the big cities, bring only the most necessary and least theft-prone.-Always have copies on passports, credit cards, air tickets etc if lost.


Brazil is around the equator and thus has mostly a tropical climate. It’s humid and hot. Overall, there is low variation in seasons. During the rainy season there may be flooding in the southern parts, in some cases the temperature can drop sharply. In the northeastern parts, there may be drier periods. Otherwise, there are no major natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or volcanic eruptions.

Best time to go

Brazil is a very large country, so depending on where you are going, you have to check what applies to the place you are going to visit. However, it is always warm and the country can be visited year-round. In brief, the following applies to the most visited places in Brazil: cooler weather. -On the entire coast it rains during October – January, depending on where you are, eg Rio de Janeiro and south. -Fortaleza and Salvador de Bahia – rainy season from April to June. But the sun is shining a lot and there are short heavy rain showers, about 25 – 30 degrees. The driest period in Manaus is June – October. In Belem, it rains January-May, at 5am every day comes a heavy rainfall.- Iguazu – summer period – September-May, then it is hot and humid. During the winter, June-August it is drier and not as hot, the average temperature is 24-40 degrees.

Travel insurance

See if your home insurance has travel cover for your entire stay in Brazil. The best hospitals are private and it can quickly become very expensive if the accident occurs. We strongly recommend that you take out a separate travel insurance before departure, if your regular travel insurance is not sufficient. Always have proof of your insurance with you. The insurance company is usually able to send in English.


Electricity is not standardized in Brazil and can vary between 110V and 220V. Bring an adapter and check before charging your computer, phone, camera batteries, etc. Most outlets in hotels are type C. In other places there may be other outlets.


Brazilian currency is REAL.

1 Real = 0.29 US Dollar

1 Real = 0.24 Euro

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