Practical information

Namibia is a relatively unknown country for most countries, so here comes some practical information to facilitate your planning for the trip.



The Government of Namibia allows citizens of specific countries and territories to travel to Namibia for tourism or business purposes for three months with an ordinary passport, and diplomatic and service passports without having to obtain a visa. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.


It is imperative that you obtain adequate vaccination protection for your trip to Namibia. Visit your vaccination clinic 4-6 weeks before departure for an individual assessment of your needs.


Namibia is a nice country where you will be welcomed well by the locals. However, take care of your private belongings though, but as long as you carry them safely, the risk is small.


Namibia has a rainy season between October and April. During this time there is a risk of flooding. Follow weather and news reporting to keep you updated when staying in the country during the rainy season.

Travel insurance


A regular travel insurance allows you to relax during the trip. It should include comprehensive protection for healthcare, theft and loss of belongings. The protection may be included in your home country insurance. Check what applies to you at least one month before departure.


Namibian dollar (NAD)


Namibia has different from most countries electrical outlet. It is recommended to take travel adapter.

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