Practical information about Myanmar

Myanmar is one of Asia’s least explored countries among Western people. Tourism is still in its infancy, so it is good to have some practical information with you before deciding to go there. Below we list the most important points.

Passport / Visa

The easiest way to obtain a visa for Myanmar is at

Be sure that your passport is valid for six months after entering the country.


No matter how long you are going to stay in Myanmar or what parts of the country you are going to visit, it is very important that you obtain a proper vaccination. Contact your reception to review your vaccination needs 4-6 weeks before departure.


The security situation in Myanmar can be tense depending on the part of the country. Travelers are not allowed to travel to some parts of the country. However, most of the country is open to tourism and the security situation here is relatively good.

We offer tours to the areas which are considered safe. However, it is important to keep up to date on the situation in the country and follow the instructions of the local authorities.


Myanmar is in the danger zone for both storms and cyclones that can cause great havoc. The country also has seismological activity and earthquakes occur. In order to stay safe, follow the authorities’ safety instructions.

Travel insurance

Being fully insured is very important when traveling to Myanmar. Check if your home insurance covers travel to Myanmar. If not, you should have a separate travel insurance. Have a certificate during the trip.


Kyat (MMK)

Time difference

+ 5,5 hours


Electrical outlets are a bit different in Myanmar, so please take an adapter with you. Temporary power outages are common, so please bring a flashlight.

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