Be ready for your trip to Morocco

To help you prepare your trip to Morocco, we share with you some practical information about the country and other things that are good to know before your visit.



For most citizens visa is not required for stays under 90 days. It is strongly recommended to have at least six months of validity at time of entry


Your vaccination clinic assesses what protection you need for your trip to Morocco. Get your vaccine no later than one month before departure.


Morocco is a safe country with long experience of tourism. However, be aware of being attentive to people-wide contexts and always carry your valuables in a secure manner. Avoid all kinds of demonstrations.


Morocco is located in a seismologically active zone and which means that there is less earthquakes.
The climate is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and cooler winters with occasional heavy rainfall.

Travel insurance

Before traveling to Morocco, you should ensure that you are fully insured. Travel insurance is included in many insurance policies. Check out what applies in your case. If it is not included, you should take care about separate insurance.


Moroccan Dirham (MAD)


In most cases, you do not need an adapter for power outlets in Morocco. However, there may be exceptions, so please bring one for safety.

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