Practical information about Madagascar

If it is the first time you visit Madagascar, it may be good with some practical information for your trip. Here we list some things that you need to know.


Requirements for Entry:

  • Passport, valid for six months from your date of entry and with three blank pages
  • Visa, obtain before traveling, or purchase at port of entry if staying less than three months. Visas may be purchased with U.S. dollars, euros, or Malagasy ariary, but credit cards are not accepted.
  • Evidence of onward/return travel
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • World Health Organization (WHO) card with yellow fever vaccination if traveler has been in a yellow fever endemic area within six months of arrival

Visit the Embassy of Madagascar website or the nearest Malagasy embassy or consulate for visa information.


It is very important that you have adequate vaccination protection for your trip to Madagascar. Contact your vaccination center at least one month before the departure date to get an evaluation of your particular need for vaccine. Malaria prophylaxis may be needed.


Although the pastures have improved gradually in recent years, Madagascar has yet another rather unstable political and economic situation. However, the country is relatively safe for tourists, but we recommend you avoid larger crowds, demonstrations and stays in the city centers. Crime in the form of robbery and pocket swords are relatively common. High attention to public space is highly recommended. Beware of putting away fine cameras, jewelry, mobile phones etc.


The rainfall varies greatly from the east coast’s rainforests to the barren and dry areas of the southern part of the country. The rainy season runs between November and April. The hurricane season falls between January and March and the storms have historically caused great devastation in some cases. Carefully follow the local instructions on the area you are staying in with a hurricane.

Travel insurance

Adequate travel insurance is very important when traveling to Madagascar. Check if your home insurance meets the requirements. If not, you must take out a separate insurance policy. Include certificates during the trip.


Ariary (MGA). ATMs accept the most common credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Switching from euro can be done at local banks and exchange offices. Remember to switch back to Euro before returning home.


The country uses the same standard on electrical outlets as in most countries in Europe.

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