Interesting experiences in Peru

Rural creation in Cusco

In Chichubamba you can choose different activities:
* Ceramics: Follow the process and steps to make traditional ceramics
* Chocolate: Drink homemade chocolate and try chocolate with a mixture of chestnuts, walnuts, peanuts and more.
* Beekeeping: Learn about how to breed bees and the process of extracting honey.
* Preparation of Jora Chicha (corn beer): Jora Chicha is made with the authentic Urubambina and Holy Valley recipe.

Agrotourism in Cusco

In Huayllafara. Join the villagers to the fields and participate in the agricultural work. The information varies depending on the season. You will learn about the connection between man and Andean agriculture by using the ancestors’ tools. Demonstrating each step of the process aims to involve you in a direct interaction with Mother Earth and understand the relationship between community builders and the surrounding Andean universe.

Flowering and healing baths

These sensational baths not only serve to detoxify our body, but also – if done ritually – to the pure auras that surround each of us.

Predict yourself in cookie sheets

Communicate with the gods through the Andean oracle, the cookbook, and the region’s traditional spiritual master. You ask a question, an oracle is consulted and a shaman trained in these techniques interprets the answers. The answers you receive enable a better understanding of your destiny and inspire positive and constructive actions.


This ancient discipline explores, develops and integrates body, mind and soul. Yoga stretches and strengthens muscles throughout the body, increases blood circulation to internal organs and glands, strengthens the nervous system and improves concentration. This old system of self-care provides vitality, health, deep relaxation and peace of mind.

Sacrifice to Mother Earth

These sacrificial ceremonies, commonly known by the locals as pagans to Pachamama or despachos to Apus, are rituals of ancient origin. They are part of a system of reciprocity between the material world and the spiritual world.

Lecture, Cocktails and Peruvian culinary course in Lima

Isabel Alvarez, sociologist and researcher in Peruvian food will give a general picture of the origin of Peruvian cuisine, its influence, basic ingredients, important dishes and trends. Then the bartender shows and prepares two classic Peruvian cocktails: Pisco Sour and Pisco Chilcano. Then Peruvian dishes are prepared with a brief description of the ingredients used and step-by-step instructions and techniques for each dish.

Whale watching in Piura

From July to October you can go on whale watching to observe the humpback whales coming from Antarctic waters to the northern coast of Peru to mate and breed their calves. During the tour you will be able to see these magnificent whales make extraordinary leaps. Here you also have the opportunity to see dolphins, sea lions, turtles etc.

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