Unique hotels to stay

Luxury lodge at Lake Titicaca

On the shore of Lake Titicaca on the island of Amantani is a spectacular lodge that stimulates all the senses. Here you become part of the local people’s culture in a place where luxury and authenticity are combined. Enjoy a 100% local and organic kitchen, and receive the energy and spirit of the surroundings. The accommodation consists of two suites, both with a spectacular terrace overlooking the Andes and with the highest quality beds. They also offer unique and authentic excursions, both cultural and adventurous.

Intimate boutique accommodation in Cusco

In the vibrant heart of the historic city of Cusco and with 17 unique rooms, traditional Peruvian craft heritage blends with modern comfort. All decor is hand painted with intricate details and gives a true sense of space. A spacious patio welcomes guests and serves as a gathering place, and the adjoining lounge, decorated with lively stylised flowers, provides authentic hospitality with traditional breakfast. In-room amenities include hand-woven tapestries, elegant pillows and luxurious linens.

Farm living in the Inca people's sacred valley

Stay secluded surrounded by mighty mountains in what was once the great Inca empire.
The valley is considered sacred because of its fertility and beauty, and it is still one of the world’s most shining natural and cultural jewels. The accommodation is located on a traditional corn plantation, in one of the valley’s most secluded haciendas, near both Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Relax with yoga and massage

Renew and pamper yourself for a few days at the foot of the sacred mountains of Pitisuray and Sawasiray. Here you will find an environmentally friendly and spacious retreat center built from local materials, giving you personal privacy and solitude that is ideal for your own spiritual growth. They offer a wide range of health-promoting activities, such as private yoga lessons, group yoga lessons, regular massages, shamanic massages, therapeutic massages, healing baths and meditation.

Become one with nature in the sacred valley of the Inca people

Daily nature excursions, relaxing afternoons and nights with exceptional comfort. Our last favorite is a boutique hotel that will be your perfect base for discovering the mysteries and nature of the Inca people’s sacred valley. The hotel’s circular layout provides a cozy atmosphere, with a garden in the middle – the perfect place to rest, play games or just watch the snowy Andes. The six spacious rooms combine the highest standards of comfort with a beautiful interior inspired by local traditions. In the kitchen, traditional dishes are prepared with the most delicious ingredients that the region has to offer, and in the evening we gather around a fire under the stars

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