The travel guarantee is financial protection for travelers when a trip is delayed or canceled. The traveler can then apply for compensation from the travel guarantee.

The Travel Guarantee Act applies to:

A package tour is an arrangement consisting of transport and accommodation or any of these services in combination with a tourist service, which forms a non-essential part of the arrangement and which is not directly linked to the transport or accommodation, such as for example. rental car, theater tickets or entry into a sporting event. A package tour must be longer than 24 hours or include accommodation. A package tour is sold at an overall price or at different prices that are linked to each other. Travel guarantees must be provided for all package tours, whether sold to private individuals or companies.

The Travel Guarantee Act also applies to the following trips if purchased by private individuals:

The travel guarantee covers those who purchase package-like trips, i.e. journeys consisting of separate transport and accommodation services which together show a substantial resemblance to a package tour. The combination should appear as a natural unit.

Even those who have just purchased a shipment can receive reimbursement from the travel guarantee if the shipment takes place together with a package trip, eg. on a charter plane or bus. Anyone who only buys a regular ticket is not protected by the travel guarantee.

Anyone who has purchased a trip consisting of transport and educational accommodation with accommodation in the form of accommodation in a host family can receive compensation from the travel guarantee. This is true even if the accommodation is free.

The application for reimbursement must have been submitted to the Travel Guarantee Board no later than three months after the trip has been canceled, canceled or otherwise not completed.

For more information, read more or call the Chamber College / Travel Guarantee Board on 08-700 08 00.