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Mauritius by me is a local agency that designs tours tailored to be rich, original and unique. Our team is composed of a European management that understands your language and your expectations. Our travel specialists in Maldives know every corner of the island.

Mauritius is a fabulous island, lost in the southern Indian Ocean. White beaches, gentle turquoise waves, luxury hotels of the highest level, the innate hospitality of Mauritians make holidays in Mauritius popular among tourists. Mauritius is surrounded by coral reef, so swimming in coastal waters is perfectly safe. The island has no poisonous insects, snakes and dangerous animals. You can enjoy a boat trip on yachts and catamarans and emerald golf courses.

Mauritius is one of the youngest countries in the world. Dimensions of the island is small 1860 sq. km. Geography will impress you with its contrasts! It is a picturesque island surrounded by a beautiful lagoon a gift of the Indian Ocean to those who love relax on the sandy shores of the warm sea.

And we are here to help you to fulfill your dream and make your travel to Mauritius unforgettable. Our range of luxury resorts are intended to make your trip to Mauritius relaxing and exciting.

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