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See more Turkey - this fascinating mix of exotic and western - is so much more than its cliché image of the "East-West Bridge". Here you will find a dignified archaeological heritage from several of history's greatest civilizations, mosques side by side with churches, Roman theaters and temples.
Not to mention the country's diverse landscape, from the adorable beautiful turquoise coast along the Mediterranean Sea with its hidden and unspoilt beaches, to vast mountain scenery, steppes and lakes inland, offering world-class hiking.
The Turkish people's warmth and generosity further contribute to the genuine authenticity of the country, and you will find it in the villagers in the countryside as well as in the restaurants of the cities.
If you thought that a Turkey trip only offered big city pulse and relaxing beach life, you were wrong. Voyage by Me is ready to take you to the genuine Turkey, to those beads your regular travel agent always misses!
Your trip will be an unforgettable trip to Turkey.

Cappadocia – 8 days trekking

8 Days from 760$
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Lycian Way coastal walk – 8 days

8 Days from 800$
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Walking in Cappadocia

8 Days from 850$
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