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Kenya by me, your local travel agent in Kenya

Kenya by me is a local agency, based in Nairobi, which proposes you unique safari tours to Kenya. With our team of French manager and local specialists, you will exchange your ideas to design together the custom-made holiday of your dreams, to create YOUR customized safari tour in Kenya, built 100% accordingly to your tastes and your budget.

Kenya - an exotic, colorful and unique jewel of the Black Continent! Kenya is located in East Africa and is known for its once-in-a-lifetime safari experiences, offering exceptional year round wildlife viewing in a remarkable diversity of ecosystems. From the Great Rift Valley to semi-arid desert regions, rainforests, white sandy beaches and snowcapped mountains.

The uniqueness of Kenya is that it has to offer more than 40 national parks and reserves, where the infinite variety of the African flora and fauna presented in their natural environment. It is a host to one of the greatest natural wonders of the animal world – The great wildebeest migration, which can only be seen in East Africa!   

Striped zebra, majestic elephants, leopards, lazy legs dangled from the trees, spotted hyenas and peacefully munching grass horned buffalo - all here, in reality, and right next to you. Come and look at this miracle of nature with your own eyes, you might just be lucky to see the birth of a baby elephant or the lion hunting. 

Experience amazing cultural diversity with over 42 ethnic groups; many still follow their ancient traditions. Enjoy the best of both worlds - take a flight from the modern cities to  ancient towns, stuck in time, like Lamu where the main mode of transport is donkey! A variety of accommodation is available - from large hotels and lodges to smaller luxury  bush homes and even camping under the stars. 

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