Hotels in Namibia

Tent in the elephants land

Stay comfortably in one of ten spacious “tent suites” along the elephants’ migration routes. Tastefully decorated with natural colors that produce a gentle balance of calm as well as a sense of greatness and richness. The heart of the resort is the majestic lookout deck, where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine under the warm sky with stunning views of the river below – often playgrounds for large herds of elephants and buffaloes. meetings with locals and their culture.

Stay at a ranch in Kalahari

The next favorite is a lodge located on the edge of southern Kalahari in the savannah with trees and shrubs and large red dunes. The atmosphere is true “spirit of Africa”, along with service, delivered with feel and charm, in an incredibly luxurious environment, providing excellent value and unforgettable memories for the discerning traveler. In the local area, exciting safari tours are offered, feeding of cheetahs and hiking tours with bushmen.

Lodge Accommodation in the Namibia Desert

At the scenic Swakop River, we offer a lodge accommodation overlooking a large and sensual desert landscape. Its spectacular location provides peace and quiet far from the bustling city. The luxurious bungalows with their creative atmosphere and friendly staff will provide you with a memorable stay. Here you can go quad biking in the dunes, explore the nearby harbor – one of the most scenic spots along the coast, go on dolphin and seal safaris, or try out sandboarding, sky diving and kayaking.

Camp on the dunes

Camping on sand dunes overlooking the spectacular landscape of the Namibian desert. You are offered the excitement of being out in the desert but at the same time staying comfortable with soft bed and hot shower. Have a drink while the sun drowns the landscape in gold. The sunset is followed by a delicious dinner under the starry sky. It is an environmentally friendly camp where careful consideration has been made in the design to ensure that it leaves a minimal impression. You can take guided tours to explore the impressive dunes.

Lodge accommodation in Sorris Sorris

Our last favorite is in Sorris Sorris overlooking the Ugab River and the Brandberg Massif. It combines minimalist Scandinavian style with luxurious comfort. Among the activities you will find guided walks and scenic excursions in the Brandberg area with the chance to see elephants in the Ugab River, cultural experience of Sorris Sorris, guided tours to the Brandberg Massif and air balloon trips across Damaraland’s adorable scenery.

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