1. What is the difference between Voyage by me and other travel sites?

You will get in touch directly with local tour operators and avoid middlemen in the form of national travel agents/tour operators. This means that you will not have to look for reliable tour operators yourself. Voyage by me can ensure that our tour operators are hand-picked and background checked: we know that they are good and competent organizers who know their stuff.

2. Can I purchase airline tickets through Voyage by me?

You are going to book and plan your trip through local tour operators, not including flights. There are many other good platforms specializing in flight bookings. But if you want us to help you with booking flights Voyage By Me has reliable partners who could find you the best options as additional services.

3. Can I purchase my trip online?

It is unfortunately not possible at the moment, but we plan to enable it in the very near future.

4. Why are there sometimes two prices indicated for each tour?

As you are in contact with a foreign agency, you will pay them in their local currency, which is usually in USD ($) or Euro (€). The price in between brackets is the agency’s published price; if shown in another currency, the price has been converted.

5. How do I know that I can trust the local agent?

Voyage by me have carefully hand-picked and background checked the local agent, to make you feel safe and secure.

6. If I need to change the program I booked with the foreign agent on short notice, what should I do?

Most agents selected by Voyage by me specialize in tailor-made trips and are usually very flexible. You may check with them directly if there are any additional expenses associated with a change. Thus, you must agree on a change with the foreign travel agency before any changes can occur.