Flights and transportation


There are many good platforms specializing in flight
bookings. But if you want us to help you with
booking flights Voyage By Me has reliable partners
who could find you the best options as additional
services. Meantime, we collected the best
resources to make responsible transportation
choices, that won’t break your budget also.

Our travel experts will adjust your itinerary accordingly your arrival and departure time.
Below you can find a list of a few flight comparison sites we would recommend to you:
Google Flights
You can also book your flights directly on the airlines websites.
Most of the destinations require to use different ways of transportation, especially aircraft, which produce carbon dioxide emissions. Sometimes it is, even more than two-three flights during the trip. We all care about the planet Earth, and Voyage By Me is not an exception. That’s why we also recommend to search your flight through FlyGRN. This comparison site will show and offset CO2 emissions during the flight, making it easier for you to choose an alternative with lower emissions.


Find some tips which could be useful for you when you are searching for flights to your dreamed destination:

Tip 1: Book your flights as early as possible if you’re thinking of travelling during a busy season. Usually, flights are much more expensive during the summer
holidays or Christmas, etc.

Tip 2: Be attentive with transfer times and locations when you are booking a flight. We would recommend you to save at least a two-hour window for transit in case of delays.

Tip 3: If you have a flight connection through a different country, we would advise you to check which travel documents you’ll be required to show, at least two weeks prior to departure. For example, in some countries, if you’re not a citizen, you may need to apply for a transit visa.

Tip 4: If you want to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of your flight you can do that by choosing a direct flight, the shortest route and environmentally friendly airline. A direct flight has a much lower impact than the same trip with transit connections.

Make sure to send your flight details to the local travel expert so he/she can optimize your travel proposal appropriately.


Voyage By Me suggest you to use sustainable transport alternatives, such as shared and collective transport in order to get to truly local experience and see more of the country by land or sea. For example, in Costa Rica, there is a possibility to use a shuttle Interbus for clients to move between the major tourist destinations. In Peru, public buses are often used. In China, you can find new sustainable high-speed train rides between the cities. We encourage travellers to use tuk-tuks in Asia, as well as bicycles within the shorter destinations. Train travel is also a great way to meet locals.

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