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Tips and practical info Uzbekistan is the most popular country in Central Asia and it is known as the heart of the Silk Road. There are varies of landscapes, from deserts and lunar steppes to lush, jade-green fields in the Fergana Valley, and the snow-covered mountains that surrounding everything.

Uzbekistan is a destination for all seasons and for all types of travelers. Whether your dream vacation includes luxury hotels and unmatched cultural environments, backpacking on buses, whether you want to cross the desert with camel or ski, Uzbekistan has it all.

Your trip to Uzbekistan can be so much more than just beach and sun. Voyage by Me's unique concept gives you an unforgettable trip to Uzbekistan - completed according to your personal preferences and wishes. Give us a call or send us an online request and we will help you!

Sample tours

Time to visit Uzbekistan – Towards the Golden Valley!

10 Days from 1,350$
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Explore the Uzbek lifestyle

10 Days from 1,200$
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The ancient Buddhist culture

11 Days from 1,500$
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