Magnificent Peru!

Get a proposal When you think about Peru it´s Machu Picchu that immediately comes up as a fantastic highlight. But the country also has something to offer. Why not enjoy a wonderful wildlife and nature experience in the Amazon jungle or see the unique reed islands in Titicaca Lake and learn more about the Inca people when you visit Cusco, you might have time to catch up with everything!

Make an adventure trip you can't do anywhere else in the world!

Suggested tours to customize

The classic Peru

10 Days from 1,950$
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Discover the Amazon in Peru

7 Days from 1,300$
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Peru’s cultural treasures

7 Days from 900$
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Being active in Peru

7 Days from 1,350$
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The rich culture of Peru

7 Days from 1,500$
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Learn about Inca culture in Peru

10 Days from 1,650$
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Gastronomic Peru

10 Days from 2,150$
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Bird watching in Peru

10 Days from 2,550$
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Adventure in Peru

16 Days from 2,350$
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