Tips for Cuba

Trinidad – roundtrip with bicitaxi

During this tour you will visit Trinidad’s suburbs in a real Cuban bicit taxi, a kind of bicycle taxi. The guide will take you to the places where Cubans live, work, go to school and play. You stop at local shops and places that sell fresh fruit, coffee or lemonade of raw sugar. You visit an elementary school, as well as a tobacco and cigar factory. This is a unique way to give you an insight into the Cuban people’s everyday life. The tour is done with a smaller group of people.

Trinidad - Guitar Workshop

Cuban troubadours sing poems with their guitar. If you want to learn more about Cuban rhythms, here you can feel Cuban music during an hour of guitar lessons.

Trinidad - Try the Cuban percussion

The Cuban musical form of expression is hundreds of years old. When you visit Trinidad, you almost have to experience an introduction to the Cuban rhythms with the Afro-Cuban percussion. An experience for an hour that you must not miss!

Ceramics Course

Unleash your creativity, with a well-known traditional potter from Trinidad, learn the basics of ceramics and get help creating your own art. Anyone can become an artist, from beginner to specialist.

Sancti Spíritus - Cooking course

Learn how to cook a real Cuban dinner. Famous dishes like arroz con gris, cerdo asado (grilled pork), frigoles negros and yuca con mojito make a new dish to take home in the luggage. Cuban cuisine may not be as sophisticated and refined, but the taste is very rich and musty. You then eat the food you have prepared. The course takes place at a local artist who has transformed his home and studio into a tower in an old soap factory, so you can also enjoy local art and creativity.

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