Practical information about Cuba

It is always good to get some practical information about the country to go to. Here we list things that are important to know before your trip to Cuba and what it is like to be a tourist in the country.


Visas to Cuba are most quickly obtained via Alternatively, you can obtain it through the your country’s embassy. The passport should have a residual validity period of at least six months after the date of entry.


Check your vaccination at least one month before departure. The varies are influenced by factors such as travel length and your personal health.


Although tourism in Cuba is at its peak, the country is already considered the safest in the region. However, you must pay attention to crowds as bag crutches and pocket thieves are becoming more common.


The hurricane season with the risk of heavy rainfall falls between June and November. If you travel to the country during this period we recommend that you check the weather forecasts daily. If you suffer from a hurricane you should stay indoors and follow the recommendations of the hotel and local authorities. Cuba is located in a seismologically active region and smaller earthquakes occur quite frequently. Larger ones are unusual.

Travel insurance

Valid travel insurance is required for entry as well as your security. Certificates from the insurance company must be able to be presented.


Cuban Peso (CUP)

Electricity and Plug Standards

Remember to take the adapter!

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