Hotels in Cuba

Casas particulares in Cuba

Cuba has not developed like other countries in tourism since the country has been largely isolated for many years. Hotels have been owned by the state and may be in poor condition even today. The service level may also be undeveloped in some places.

To help the population be able to participate in the country’s development and avoid only larger hotel and state-owned chains taking over the entire tourism industry, we try to help local initiatives and thus support sustainable and ecological tourism in Cuba.

We do this by offering rooms in casas particulares. You can compare these to a bed & breakfast, but you will be welcomed in the Cuban home. The program you get from us is based on casas particulares unless you prefer other, more classic hotels.

We work with a selected list of casas particulares that meet our criteria: • Small house • Personal: warm welcome, good service, personal and accessible contact person • Hygiene and other: private toilet / shower, balcony or terrace, each room has air conditioning • Cozy household You can enjoy an authentic Cuban environment while still retaining your private sphere during your stay.

Keep in mind that each case is different, during your tour. One case can be a villa in a suburb and the other an old colonial house. Decoration and interior match the owner’s taste and appearance – it is the owner’s house.

Some casas have a more professional approach and are almost like small hostels. They rent out several rooms in the same building and there may be staff who take care of the household.

Other casas are more local, where the owners rent out rooms or part of their own house. You will always have your own private bathroom. The charm of staying in Casas is that each place has its own unique conditions and that you often really get closer to the locals.

Please note that since this is a very different approach, we can only inform about which casas you will be allowed to stay after you have booked, then the owners talk about which rooms are available, what times and this we get know at the last minute. So we cannot inform in advance of the exact cases we can book for you. It will always be a nice surprise!

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