Who are we?

What better way is there to discover the charms of India than by the discovering them with Indians themselves?

Before we decided to open this website, we wondered what the best way to let you discover a country that’s just so rich and generous but sometimes so complex would be.

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And the answer came by itself: through the Indians themselves. We carefully selected guides, drivers and the most reliable service providers that are aware of the safety of our customers, proud to work for a reputable agency and convey the passion that’s found in this country. A passion that is matched only by the beauty of all the discoveries that are waiting to be made.

We offer advice on "classical" tours for those who want a simple overview of the country and tours off the beaten track. These are circuits that will allow you to discover landscapes, people and ideas that often escape the floods of tourists. We really want to make sure that you’ll fall in love with India. That you’ll feel, breathe, taste and hear what India has to offer.

In our hands, your circuit will not just be a simple trip to India, but a real pleasure.

Our team is always at your service. We remain available to help with any applications, any amendments or inconveniences of any kind. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for more information. Start planning your next trip with India by me today!

Why choose us?

Our main mission is to offer you the best quality activities during your stay. We respond to your requests by selecting those that correspond most to your expectations. This insures that your trip to India is one that you’ll vividly remember.

While on the site, you’ll notice that everything is done directly with an Indian local agency, therefore avoiding intermediaries, which generally only increase the price of your stay without adding quality. Also, you’ll always get professional, reputable guides. With India by me, you are sure to get the best price for outstanding quality. And while on the site, we can effectively advise you on what can and what can’t be done. 

Our passion for this country is strong and by discussing tours with us you’ll feel it right away. We have a knowledge of India that few tourist agencies possess. We also provide you with the best we have, a very warm welcome and a VIP treatment. Each visit, each tour, each encounter will enrich you in many ways. There are many unique services to choose from. Every detail of your customized stay will be prepared by us and verified by you. It really is a personalized, tailored trip

Finally, with India by me, you are sure to find good people who know the country like the back of their hand and who speak English. There is no risk of misinterpretation or misunderstanding. There are no surprises or hidden costs. Everything is taken into account and explained clearly. When signing the contract you specifically know what’s included and what’s left out.

Our Mission

You’ll discover India in a different way. We’ve selected magical places that will give you the opportunity to discover the more unknown side of India. Mysterious India, Royal India or Authentic India – whatever suits you best. Our commitment is to make you discover this country in the best way possible.

Therefore, our mission is to bring you all our expertise and knowledge of this country to make your stay the best it can possibly be. From traditional India to modern India, this vast and rich country will captivate you. We hope that your experiences in this country will stay with you forever. 

By trusting India by me, you’ll discover the best travel experience possible. Explore our website, choose the most beautiful places to visit and contact us to set up the trip of your dreams. 

With India by me, you’ll see India in a different, unforgettable way.

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