According to Voyage By Me’s sustainability policy provided activities comply with the animal welfare standards outlined in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and in ABT’s Animal Welfare Minimum Requirements. We oppose all forms of illegal and exploitative forms of tourism. Excursions and attractions in which captive wildlife is held (e.g. elephant/horse/camel riding, etc.) are not offered, except for properly regulated activities in compliance with local, national and international law (e.g. safari and whale/dolphin/bird watching). Any disturbance of natural ecosystems is minimized.

Where available, provide excursions that operate on the basis of acknowledged and controlled sustainability standards. As a result, we provide only unique and sustainable excursions: cultural excursions (visiting cultural places/temples, etc.); nature excursions (trekking/hiking/nature walks/cycling tours, safari, etc); workshops and masterclasses (cooking classes, pottery/ceramics courses, etc.); activities that involve local people/local suppliers (visiting tribal villages, fishermen villages, homestays, visiting local  farms/productions/markets, tea/coffee picking, etc…)

Voyage By Me confirms that wildlife species are not harvested, consumed, displayed, sold, or traded. We have this documented in Sustainability Policy Voyage By Me and all our local experts in destinations do not promote souvenirs that contain threatened flora and fauna species as indicated in the CITES treaty and in the IUCN Red List, historic and archeological artifacts. Voyage By Me’s Visitor Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism includes a part that encourages travelers not to buy products made from endangered plants or species.