We do not offer products or services of excursion providers that harm humans, animals, plants, natural resources (e.g. water, energy), or which are socially or culturally unacceptable.

Since Voyage By Me provides only private customized (not group) trips, our guests are always guided by knowledgeable guides. In special sensitive places, during some unique activities (e.g. jungles, indigenous villages, during bird/whale watching, etc.), guests are led by a local guide.

We often promote local products and services to quests by recommending local markets and restaurants. Since Voyage By Me tries to offer an only unique experience, activities in which local people are involved are the major part of all our excursions. They include visiting local farms, attending cooking/pottery/ceramics and other masterclasses with locals, like activities that we propose in Southern India https://www.voyagebyme.com/tips/genuine-experiences-in-south-india/, meeting locals, visiting markets, like in Vietnam https://www.voyagebyme.com/tips/experience-real-vietnam/, food tours, tea picking with locals, talking to locals, like in Sri Lanka https://www.voyagebyme.com/sri-lanka/interesting-ideas-for-the-pastime-in-srilanka/, attending paper/rugs workshops, staying in guesthouses, like in Uzbekistan https://www.voyagebyme.com/tips/activities-in-uzbekistan/, and many other activities.