Environmental impact

We care about local environment

Voyage By Me actively promotes to clients those activities that support the local environment, for example, visiting environmental protection projects, like Turtle Conservation Project and Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka, as well as Wildlife Rehabilitation/Rescue Centers in Africa. We provide our quests Visitors’ Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism and encourage them to donate in local environmental protection projects.

We inform and educate tourists on how to avoid negative impacts on the environment and offensive behaviour towards the local population. We, from our side, also educate guests by providing them with Visitors’ Guidelines for Sustainable

Accommodation matters

Voyage By Me selects only sustainable, eco-friendly hotels for our clients. We offer only small, locally owned, constructed in traditional style boutique hotels. For example, in our main destination Sri Lanka, we offer Theme Resorts & Spas, one of Sri Lanka’s leading hotel management companies that entered into an agreement with UNWTO to promote sustainable development.

our statement of reducing negativity

Voyage by me is a 100% online TO, we don’t have offices as such, so we don’t use transport, paper, energy, water in the offices. It significantly reduces the use of office supplies, furniture, equipment, coffee and janitorial services for staff members.

Voyage By Me doesn’t use paper at all. Our company encourages the use of electronic means of communication, such as e-mail and instant messaging services, resulting in reduced paper use and thus, reduced costs for paper purchasing and disposal.

Telecommuting tends to significantly decrease energy and water consumption, as less energy is spent on electric, heating and cooling and avoiding the use of the water in the offices.

From printers and air conditioners to lighting fixtures and coffee machines, powering down saves a lot of energy. By working from home, our staff significantly reduces energy usage, especially by using eco-friendly practices at home.

Reducing pollution

Voyage By Me practices remote work-at-home policy to reduce transportation use by employees. The staff works in a more flexible but efficient way via remote options like mail system and Skype. Thus, remote working of our staff contributes to minimising pollution caused by work-home traffic. The more employers who use telecommuting policy, the fewer cars there are on the road, the less gasoline and electricity is needed every year, and the greater the energy savings are.

Normally, our partner agencies provide private cars as the main transport option in the destinations. However, where possible, clients are informed about sustainable transport alternatives, such as shared and collective transport. For example, in Costa Rica, we use a sustainable shuttle Interbus for clients to move between the major tourist destinations. In Peru, public buses are often used. In China, we offer new sustainable high-speed train rides between the cities. We encourage clients to use tuk-tuks in Asia, as well as bicycles within the shorter destinations.

Carbon emissions

Carbon isn’t compensated by our company, but we do not use fossil energy for the offices. Our company’s telecommuting policy significantly reduces environmental footprint.

It is obvious that long-distance travel increases in your carbon footprint, but we have a few recommendations on how to make CO2 emissions as small as possible:Think about taking an overseas trip less often

  • In overseas trip, try to go for as long as possible
  • If it is possible, take a train rather than flying
  • Try to find direct flights
  • Limit the number of domestic flights on destination


As the remote –work policy company our stuff don’t use plastic bottles of water in the offices. Besides, we avoid producing paper, plastic, glass and other non reusable or recyclable waste.

But statistic shows that in average traveller uses around 30 plastic water bottles during 14 days of holiday in a country that suffers from lack of clean water. This causes the production of an enormous amount of waste that, in most countries, isn’t properly disposed of. But what should we do then? What you can do to reduce this plastic waste? Below we prepared some useful tips for those who want to save planet with us:


Check the information about the water condition in the destination you are planning to go to. In some places, you can safely drink tap water. In other places, local travel experts make sure that you can refill your water bottle at as many locations as possible. Some hotels, restaurants and shops have water stations for refilling your bottle.


If you have a kettle equipped in your hotel room, purify water by boiling it. It is enough one minute to boil the water to get rid of all the impurities.


A safe way to purify your water from bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals and for filtering out bacteria is to use a handy water filter. Find the best which suitable for you.


Often hotels provide few free plastic bottles of water as an extra service. Definitely, after you use them, the next day room service will put the new ones ( which will be disposed of inappropriately afterwards). If you don’t have your own bottle, just use only one and refill it after you drunk.

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