Voyage By Me tries to select only sustainable destinations with a high level of engagement with sustainable development principles.

We offer places/activities/hotels that are unique, eco-friendly, safe and clean. In all our destinations, be it Africa, Asia, South America or the Middle East, we offer clients to visit national parks, natural conservancies/reserves, animal rescue centers, for example, in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa, where tourists can see wildlife with few crowds and in an eco-friendly manner.

Our guests stay in eco-resorts, most of which have a developed sustainable waste management system and participate in many CSR projects. For example, Theme Resorts, like Aliya Resort & Spa and Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka, which we actively promote, have been honored with ISO and HCCP certifications. Rimba Ecolodge and other ecolodges that we offer in Sumatra, Indonesia, use only sustainable materials, support education and waste management initiatives in the nearby villages, protect nature from harmful practices.

In Vietnam and Laos, especially Luang Prabang, most of the hotels use glass bottles, have a developed waste management system and promote organic farming.

Costa Rica is also a leader in sustainable tourism with a biodiverse rainforest and green energy.

We offer our guests only staying in eco-resorts, visiting protected parks, wildlife reserves and 100% eco-friendly activities, like hiking, white water rafting, ziplining, etc. There are many other examples of sustainable destinations we offer.