Welcome to VoyageByMe

I’ve worked in the travel industry for 20 years with individuals, groups, conferences, and events which have given me the chance to travel all over the world. Thanks to this, I have gained a large network of partners who can organize exactly what my clients require.

I have seen how drastically the travel industry has changed, thanks to the internet and therefore created this new concept for the modern traveler.

VoyageByMe.com is the first Scandinavian Internet platform, open to travelers coming from any country in the world, who wish to come into direct contact with local travel experts, known as Destination Management Companies (DMC). This will cut the normal intermediaries (travel agencies in your own country), which lowers the price! Another advantage for the traveler is getting access to the local experts’ unique knowledge of their country, and the best insider tips.

To travel with a private guide and driver, choose the cities and attractions to visit, is not a luxury for the lucky ones anymore. VoyageByMe offers you the financial ability to customize your trip with a destination expert. You can travel safely with our local travel specialists who are carefully selected, and in many cases tested by us.

Last but not least, our local experts are very flexible and can organize your trip according to the very specific wishes you may have. Changes in the itinerary tend to be no problem, something you are unable to do when you book an organized trip.

Enjoy your journey!

Charlotta Naumann Founder and CEO